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Mermaid Artifact
+5 in Charisma

The Mermaid possesses an enchanting voice that lures anyone. Her sweet melody seduces any fool who would dare come closer.

No one could resist the Mermaid’s charisma offered by this Artifact. You will surely convince a great deal of people and get what you want with your illustrous eloquence.

* CAUTION: Pirates are immune to the Mermaid Artifact.

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This post is also available in: frFrançais (French)

This creation is in promotion to sell surplus inventory. It’s coming from old collections.

It’s a unique and original creation. You won’t ever find two alike!

This piece can presente small defects due to the fack that it was handmade and with materials that do not match actual Quête Acceptée quality standards.

Final Sale! No refund or exchange.


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