Powergamer Pendant
+ 1D20 in Dice Domination

The Dice is an important part of roleplaying games. But these little tricksters can play games that are hard to understand for their owners.

They can make us the greatest troll hunter with a simple dice throw in front of our astonished team. But sometimes, they betray us in the vilest way, giving us a critical miss that will throw our own fireball in the face of the only group’s healer while there’s a dragon approaching.

Fortunately, you can now change the game and reign with fear over them. We specially selected only the largest and fiercest die and caged them. You only have to display them proudly to make sure your own die submit to your will.

*If you still find some rebels amongst your die, you can send us the remaining recalcitrants and we will gladly place them in our reformatory school where we will crush every ounce of willpower subsisting inside of him. Then, we will send him back to you in his own lovely cage specially made for him.
**Some fees apply. We do not assume any responsibility for any psychological or moral damage suffered by these die.

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Video demonstration here.

This is for ONE pendant only.

This model can be opened so you can take off the dice and play or exchange it with another dice (made for D20 and D12 but does not fit all dices).

Discover my other D20 creations that are openable so you can plays with the D20 here or that don’t open here.

You can also order other dices here.

Each pendant is entirely handmade with aluminum rings that have vivid and resistant colors.

Feel free to contact me for any question!
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